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Programme Privilège Kia

Programme Privilège Kia

Kia Canada Points: Earn 60,000, 80,000, or 100,000 points towards your next Kia purchase.

Dealer Points: Earn 10 Points for Every $1 spent at your favorite Dealer.

Bonus Points: Take advantage and earn up to 20,000 extra Dealer points.

Visit Spinelli Kia to join. It's FREE and it's incredibly rewarding. WITH MEMBER REWARDS, YOU'RE THE VIP.

  • Preferential rates on vehicle rentals worldwide. Visit the Partner page on www.kiapoints.ca to find out more.
  • Exclusive e-mail offers on parts, service, and private events from your favorite dealer.
  • Extraordinary deals from Kia Rewards affiliates.
  • Surprise rewards and contests.